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ABOUT Nantwich Gin

Nantwich Gin is a London dry gin, developed in honour of one of Nantwich’s most famous sons, John Gerard, who was a botanist and Royal herbalist in Tudor times. Gerard also wrote what became recognised as the book on plants in the 17th Century. Our botanicals were chosen with Gerard's herbal garden in mind.

The key botanicals include the traditional juniper berries, coriander seeds and angelica root, combined with delicate florals such as rose and lavender. Lemon thyme brings the citrus twist to the gin, complimented by punchy cardamom and a lingering finish of pink pepper corns.

The gin is also a celebration of the town of Nantwich itself and its rich history and culture. The North West town in Cheshire is filled with stories from the past, of which we draw our inspiration from.

Our label was kindly designed by local artist Jiri Borsky, who fused an array of traditional Nantwich Tudor architecture into one. Please visit: for more information on Jiri's fantastic work. 

When choosing our bottle, we knew that the 'perfect pour' was very important. We tried and tested a range of bottles before selecting the 'Botanic'.

Since its launch in November 2020, Nantwich Gin has received fantastic feedback from gin drinkers across the U.K. We welcome you to get in touch, share your thoughts on the gin and spread the word to your friends and families. Thank you!