ABOUT cheshire botanicals

Cheshire Botanicals is a family-run micro distillery, developing the recipes to award-winning spirits, inspired by and created to celebrate the historic Cheshire town of Nantwich. Driven by a genuine passion for gin in all its many forms and our strong family links to Cheshire and more specifically, Nantwich, we wanted our first original gin to be a love letter to the town, its stories, personalities, history and culture.

Nantwich town has also been the home of some of the leading names in science, horticulture and botany – people who were innovators of their time. With a nod to these local heroes, we are using cutting-edge science and technology to craft the finest quality gin, with a bouquet and finish that’s rooted in nature, yet elevated through innovation. 


We’ve spent the last year honing our recipe, refining our techniques and perfecting our production from ingredients through to the final bottle you see on the shelf. It took a little time but we’re so proud to share the result with you!


Nantwich Gin is a London dry gin, developed in honour of one of Nantwich’s most famous sons, John Gerard, who was a botanist and Royal herbalist in Tudor times. Gerard also wrote what became recognised as the book on plants in the 17th Century.


Many of the botanicals included in the Nantwich Gin recipe were grown by Gerard in his garden and combine herbal notes with punchy florals and refreshing citrus amongst piney juniper. Pink peppercorns bring warmth to the finish, reminiscent of summer evenings and gardens in full bloom – to be enjoyed all year round.